23rd Floor

1st post, amateur writer… just needed to write it down.


The elevator dings as it comes to a stop at the 23rd floor. My heart skips a beat as the door opens – this is your floor. At this moment I seem so confident and calm as I step out on to the beige carpet. It’s late and I rode the elevator alone. As I walk over and glance at the back wall, I take a glimpse at myself in the very large mirror framed with a solid cherrywood frame. Normally I would feel insecure, is my hair okay… Did I do my make up alright? As I look at myself I think of walking into that room;My insecurities float away. My hair, my clothes, my make up are not the reasons I am here.

Desire is a powerful feeling. You can choose to try and hold it at arms length but inevitability it will consume you, one way or another.  I wouldn’t be down the hallway from your room if you didn’t want what I wanted. If you didn’t yearn for what I yearn for. My legs shudder as I begin to walk again. I glance at the directional board and it’s down the hall on my left. “Are you on your way?” I receive a text as I reach your door. I reply before knocking, just for fun. “I have arrived.” I text back. A second later I knock.


“Hey, see anyone on your way down?”

I chuckle “It’s almost 12:30am, I think most people would be in bed by now.”

I take off my heels and walk over to the balcony. The doors are open and the evening breeze is just perfect. This is a private floor that over looks the hotel pool. It’s empty of course. Closes at 10pm every night. It has such a tranquil view.

My heart skips a beat as you walk over and stand beside me. It’s been awhile since you’ve been so close to me. We’re not suppose to be here. It could have been avoided, me being here but remember what I said about desire. No matter what, I would have ended up here. Even if all our actions tried to prevent it, subliminally they were doing the opposite.

You want this, I want this and honestly tonight… Nothing else really matters and that feels fucking amazing.

You start to say something and I stop you.

“I am tried of doing a bunch of things that I am supposed to do or a thousand things that I need to do. Tonight, I just want to do something that is just for me, because I want to do it. Not because I have to but because I deserve it and because you deserve it. I know you want me here just as bad as I want to be here.”

You go to say something, but again I stop you… “Shhh… Don’t say anything. I want you to clear your head, stop thinking, don’t do or say anything and just let me take care of you tonight. Because I want to.”

I put my finger up to your lips and you bite it playfully. I let my finger touch your tongue and I pull it out slowly as I look at you and kiss you for the first time tonight. Kiss after kiss the passion increases, my heart races and you start to try and undress me.

I pull back and I remind you that I’m taking care of you tonight. I take your hands and put them by your side as you lean up against the edge of desk beside the balcony doors.

Your wearing a nice suit and I start to kiss down your neck and loosen your tie just a little bit.  Lower down onto my knees and I am now starting to feel nervous. Not about my performance or about how I look but about the intimacy. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt wanted and sought after. I have felt more passion in the past 10 minutes then I have in the past few years.

Tonight isn’t about that… It’s about want and I shake the thoughts from my head as I unbuckle your belt and start dropping your pant to the floor.

I don’t have to guess if your happy to see me. I’m at eye level with your dick that is already hard and craving me. I leave your boxers on for minute as a raise my hand and stroke up from the base of your dick to the top. You let out a moan. I look up at you for the first time since I got down here and you at me with such lust.

I grin as I stroke you again. Your head bends back in pleasure and you let out another moan. My body tingles all over knowing that I am making you feel this way.

I pull back the elastic on your boxers and pull them down past your hard dick.

Within a few seconds I have my hand at the base of your shaft and I’m wrapping my mouth around you. My mouth is wet and I lick from the base all the way to the top and around every side of you. I have one hand stroking you with my hand and the other grasping your balls as I continue to use my tongue and mouth to please you.

I pull my head back all the way back until your just sitting in my hand. I look up at you and feel so satisfied with where I am and where the rest of the evening is going to take us.

No expectations, no rules, no judgements or obligations. Tonight there is just you and i and the lust that we’ve been holding back.



1st post

This is the post excerpt.

I was going to start this off with “sometimes my mind wanders” but thats a lie. My mind wanders, always. It’s a constant hum of thoughts. At times it’s all jumbled up in a haze, I stare off in the distance. Within an instance my thoughts can be clear and focused. This is just a side of the chaos. I’ve chosen to release, release a small part of the heat that burns in my cerebrum. This is a snapshot into my lustful wormhole.





My watch sits on my night stand.


I can’t sleep. It’s getting late but I toss and turn. Rarely do I have trouble falling asleep but the past few nights I haven’t been so lucky.

My thoughts are scattered. It’s hard to focus on anything specific – they are just a whirlwind of feelings and expectations. In every passing minute I think of everything and anything.

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 – I count.

For 10 seconds my mind is focused, it’s quiet and organized. I start over.


I slow my breathing. I try and clear my mind. Tick.tick.tick.tick

For 10 seconds I’m distracted, at ease and calm.

I count, I breathe, I drift off to sleep.